WTB Training specialise in one-on-one or small group technical football training sessions for any aged individual of any standard who wants to improve their football technique.


Our sessions provide crucial high-volume technical repetition that you can not get through regular team training. Every session is uniquely tailored and progressive for its participants. ​


Repetitive individual football training will ensure skills and techniques become a HABIT. This means when players train with their team and play matches they are ready for the ball and will sub-consciously make the right decisions.

BELIEFS and HABITS are neural connections in the brain created by repetition of thoughts and actions over a period of time. Once wired, then and only then is a genuine, deep down in the gut feeling created that leads to peak performance.


To excel in football you need to possess these feelings and the only way to achieve this flow state is through constant technical repetition - something that can only truly be done through individual training.