Want The Ball provide individual and small group football coaching development through Tom Buzzard - a UEFA licensed former academy coach (Arsenal, West Ham, Southampton, Crystal Palace) who now focusses on developing the future football players of tomorrow as a coach, mentor and FA licensed intermediary (able to represent minors 16-18). 

Tom is unique in the football industry as he covers all facets required to develop, nurture and manage top talent through his coaching expertise, business experience and ability to communicate with players and their families. 

Tom operates his Want The Ball player programme alongside his agency PBS Football. For any young aspiring player, he offers a uniquely supportive pathway to the top. 


Repetitive individual football training will ensure skills and techniques become a HABIT. This means when players train with their team and play matches they are ready for the ball and will sub-consciously make the right decisions.

To excel in football today, players need to be of an exceptionally technical level. They need to be confident in possession of the football and technical repetition is key to achieving this, what coaches call, flow state.

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